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Thank you for dropping by to visit my blog. Hopefully it will remain a place of expression and voice for both me and you. I believe every person has a story to share – a valuable story. I hope to hear some of yours here as well.

My story written on the ‘path of ordinary’ has been filled with peeks of wonder. Even as a child growing up in a home absent of faith I remember times of seeking and wondering. Could there be a God, and if there was, would he want anything to do with ordinary me? I remember lying in my bed with my covers tightly pulled over my head slipping a hand out, just in case God wanted to touch it. Little did I know he was touching it and holding on tight all along.

A more serious pursuit of God occurred during college. My father’s cancer returned with a vengeance threatening to take him from us. Once again in a scared and desperate attempt, I reached out from the safety of my bed. Alone in my bedroom, without a church or pastor I raised my hand in surrender to Jesus. He filled my heart and the room with a presence I will never forget. I’ve been wonderstruck ever since.

I look forward to writing and sharing my peeks of wonder with you. I truly believe if we seek him we will find him along our path of ordinary.

My life verse is John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches – apart from me, you can do nothing”

This verse remains a firm conviction for me, especially as I put words to my thoughts.

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