The Baton Has Been Passed

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The baton has been passed, my friend is gone. Prayers for comfort, peace and healing linger still as they gently shift toward the family she adored.


While we weep her loss and consider her life, she speaks still – from a place we haven’t yet seen. Her voice is clear and delivered with a cadence of familiarity, “Press on, stand strong, give grace, cry for the helpless, dream patiently, live with conviction and fervor, love unsparingly, live unceasingly, hope unreservedly.”


She now lives without time, or pain, or fear, or worry. Our clocks tick on with a voice of challenge to live and die like her. Her beautiful baton has been laid down for our picking up.


Weep with me. Listen with me. And run wholeheartedly toward the goal she’s now reached.


 “Your life is your own, your glory is your glory, but you will lose it if you keep it for yourself. Grasp it for the sake of others.” Nate Wilson – author and her beloved son-in-law




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    1. Thank you, Linda. She leaves a tremendous gap in her family, her church and our community. Even as her days grew hard and short – she served us. Her life was fully poured out and surely gathered up whole by the One she loved so much.

  1. It is easy to sense you “grasping for the sake of others” through your words here. Your friend’s influence has left a lovely fragrance.

    1. You’re exactly right. My friend has left the lovely fragrance of faith, strength and legacy. She is wife to 1 for 41yrs, mother to 7, grandmother of 23 and friend and mentor to untold numbers. She will be desperately missed.

  2. Thank you, Pat, for beautifully enabling her to ‘speak still’ through you. We in the Body are encouraged by her life and legacy. I want to stand straighter, bend lower, and love tighter because of what you have shared (here and in person) about her. Truly a life lived for The King, and well.

    1. I also want to “Stand straighter, bend lower, and love tighter” because of her, Conni. Her son-in-law wrote this compelling commentary about her final days as part of her obituary. Such a powerful image of a life lived for the King.

      “In Diane’s final weeks and months, she even more profoundly exhibited those graces which were her greatest strengths in life. Through pain and trial, her thoughts were first on others. She was a picture of peace and patience, radiant with faith, freed by humility, overflowing with love and joy, forgiven and forgiving—a glorious image of both our Lord, and His bride.”

  3. Death has a bitter and paralyzing sting. I pray the soft arms of the Father will wrap around those who mourn and may comfort be found in His promises. “His favor lasts a lifetime. Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” Psalms 30:5

  4. What a beautiful friend Pat! Praying for you to be comforted as only the Father can do. Her beautiful family is in my prayers too. Oh, that I could leave such a blessing for my family. Your memories of her are stirring me onward too. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Kelly. Her life did just that – she inspired many to reach higher and go deeper. So many stories are surfacing about her influence in our community – she truly lived a life with clear purpose. She died with the same grace and intentionality. Heaven’s gain…

  5. Thank you so much Pat for these words so beautifully written in honor of my mother. You were a blessing to her in countless ways in the past few years. Thank you so much. Love, shana

    1. There’s so much to appreciate about your mother, Shana. I admired how consistent she was, unwavering in her faith and commitments. The gentleness she possessed within her tremendous strength was also uncommon and lovely to me.

      I’m praying for you and your family as you prepare for tomorrow. May your hearts be lifted by the support and love you receive at her memorial.

  6. Pat. How beautifully you honor your friend and paint a picture for others of the weight of this loss, the impact and challenge she left in her wake. I’m sorry for your loss and will pray for you and those that had the pleasure of knowing her.

    1. Thank you, Janeen. Please pray for her memorial service tomorrow afternoon. She was very thoughtful about working through the details with her children during her difficult final days. It amazes me. Bless you for commenting.

  7. Ordinary people who live lives others want to emulate are rare. We tend to exalt public figures and miss the heroes right in front of us. Good for you for showcasing this fine trophy of a life.

    1. One of her friends wrote this about her today, “Loving the sweet lady who taught me the joy of having fresh flowers in my home, and really the majority of everything I love about making a home. She will be always especially remembered with these.”

      You’re right, a very extraordinary, ordinary influence.

    1. And many blessings back to you, Judy. Savor the moments God has given you and keep stretching into his embrace.

  8. Sweet Pat, loss can be so difficult. What a beautiful tribute. You are in my prayers as you journey through this time. May the God of all comfort reveal His nearness to you for you are so dear to Him. Blessings.

    1. Thank you, Carmen. You’re so right – loss is difficult and yet I have to say her memorial service was as inspirational as any service I’ve ever been to. Watching her 23 grandchildren ages 2yrs and up sing her favorite hymn with such holy reverence and love was truly a glimpse of heaven. She will be missed, but there’s no doubt we’ll see her again.

  9. Such a small world! We’ve been praying for Diane for months, and now her family and friends as they cope with loss. Amazing how we see the Church truly function as one when we are able to pray for people we’ve never met in person before.

    1. It is amazing and very comforting at the same time. The strands of prayer that covered Diane extended even farther than my CA west coast town and yours in FL across the pond to Europe and around the globe. Her influence was phenomenal – but our Heavenly Father’s love for us is even more mind boggling.

      I’ll share your story with her family today. Thanks for sharing and making my day!

  10. Beautiful words Pat, truly honoring her faith and walk with Jesus and her impact on the lives of all who knew her. What a blessing she was to so many.

    1. She was definitely a blessing to all who knew her. Her son-in-law wrote these words about her last days on earth:

      “Amazingly, I don’t think any of us that witnessed her fight, heard a complaint cross her lips. Her attention remained strikingly outward, on others, on serving, on her Lord. I am in awe of that. She remained the Master of Hospitality that so many of us knew her to be. Even in her last 12 days, sharing a room in our home with Bill devotedly at her side, she entertained her guests. The room was hers. The guests were hers. Death was the stranger and the thief. But she knew her sovereign God would not allow death to steal one moment without his allowance. She trusted that the God who fashioned her first day, would also fashion her last”.

      Story after story confirm the depth of her commitment to Christ and dedicated service to others. She is an inspiration.

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