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Amazing Sight

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Allowing myself to look beyond what I see is a constant challenge.

I say I want eyes to see and ears to hear, but my lethargic disregard sometimes suggests otherwise. I obviously choose to be shortsighted and blind. I wear filtered glasses – becoming too self focused to look outward or up.

Today I begged to see. I grieved my loss of sight.

I craved time with my Lord. I needed to see him and hear from him.


After a dim and tearful walk I headed home carrying my comfortable glasses – when suddenly I witnessed the most amazing thing.

Before me hung delicate gossamer art, hovering effortlessly like synchronized parachutes against a perfect sky. At least fifty of these spectacular designs stretched between the modest limbs of a Mulberry tree. They seemed to be suspended in space inhaling breezes and showcasing architectural genius. One of the creations was still under construction as a tiny engineer worked to connect his meticulous spirals, one inch at a time – one row at a time.

Displayed before me was a maze of wonder – brilliantly featured by spotlights of sun-rays. From every angle I could see harmony and order, precision and strength. Its inexplicable beauty paralyzed me.

Each carefully sewn circle somehow missed the other million sticky strings next to it. With limited strands to connect to the outside perimeter, they each managed to navigate their way to a secure place to cling. Some of the circles were four inches in diameter, others up to a foot wide. A few even arched out to miss the neighboring nets.


Speechless – I pondered.

How can I doubt the author of such detail – such genius? Who am I to feel separated, worthless or discouraged?

He spins intricate webs of situations into our lives – everyday – with purpose and for his good pleasure.

He gives us what we need in order to accomplish what he desires – for the greater good.

Whether we see him or not, he works. He watches. He spins order. He details interlinking circumstances within our greater community and his plans – for his pleasure and for our good.

He gives the blind, sight. This I know.


Tears have rinsed my tired eyes today – God spoke hope and life to me through the masterful efforts of tiny eight-legged creatures. Go figure.

He is immense. He is infinite in detail. He is near. He speaks and makes himself known.

I love him.


“Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, Lord, is the kingdom, YOU are exalted as head over ALL.” 1 Chronicles 29:11


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Unobstructed Views

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Today – it’s an honor to be included as a guest blogger on the (in)courage website. I hope you’ll take a minute to read it, search the site (maybe even leave a comment) and then – please go tell a friend how much you appreciate them.

If you’re a regular subscriber, you’ll certainly see the contrast between today’s post written a few months ago, and my last post, Redemption. With a heavy heart I continue to pray for hurting friends – and yet, I’m grateful for lighthearted moments that breathe grace and hope into my soul, reminding me I’m not alone. Please click here to visit (in)courage with me today.



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When B.C. Meets A.D.

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BC and AD photo


Christmastime is a blaring reminder of an actual date on our historical calendar when B.C met A.D. All other events are stacked on either side of that one significant moment in time. Jesus was born. No matter what we choose to believe about him or ascribe to him – his birth remains a pivotal marker on the world calendar.

We also each possess a personal calendar on which to place those same markers. During our lifetime we can choose to add our own transitional moment when B.C. becomes A.D. Our “anno Domini” meaning “year of the Lord” follows an entrance by Christ to our timeline. It begins when Jesus is born into our soul.

For me, B.C. met A.D. my first year in college. Before that day I was living in the ‘year of Pat’. I made my own decisions, my own mistakes and was living on a self-serving trajectory. It was an empty existence filled with aimless wandering.

A church didn’t place the A.D. date on my personal calendar. Neither did a priest or pastor. My moment involved the same miracle as the global application did. By God’s mysterious and sacred design, the Holy Spirit descended and covered my life story – paving the way for his entrance.

Shepherds and Wisemen weren’t there, no one was – just me in my bed and an open heart to receive.

The A.D. portion of my calendar is still unfolding. The ‘year of the Lord’ reflected in my life events have been marked with decisions and mistakes, just like my B.C. years, but the trajectory is entirely different. By the power of the Holy Spirit and through the birth of Jesus into my soul – I now live to know and love him.

The invitation to add the A.D. date to our line of history will go beyond this present life. With it comes a new residency and citizenship into his eternal Kingdom – what a marvelous mystery.

When B.C. meets A.D. heaven moves to earth and a welcome mat is placed at the door to new life – eternal life in his kingdom.

“For with you is the fountain of life. In your light, we see your light” Psalm 36:9


It was a glorious day when heaven touched earth,

a day of wonder, a sacred occasion

forever opening a door.

Subtle splendor spilled from unseen places

imprinting our world,

our calendar,

our lives

as B.C. moved over and a gift was born.

May God shine his bright light upon your personal timeline this Christmas!


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Scaredy Cat – Who ME

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hiding cat


Imagine the horror I felt the day I opened my blog to find it was no longer mine. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A new page complete with Islamic flags boldly declared my site had been hacked by a Turkish militant group.


Adrenaline fueled my panic as I checked bank accounts and other personal sites to see if anything else was affected. I frantically changed passwords and did my best to reclaim my website, but it was gone. There was no way to bypass the dreadful page.


My mind melted into fear. My soul ached with loss.


Why was I targeted? My last post was about CATS, for crying out loud. Forced to let it go, cat needs pushed me past the drama.


Mom cat and her five kittens still live with us. I remain consumed with their situation. After watching their personalities develop I can appreciate their ingrained behaviors. I’ve concluded all kittens are ‘scaredy cats’. Even though extremely curious, they’re afraid of their own shadow or sudden moves.


Stray mom cat and I have become close friends. She loves me. Sometimes I swear she prefers my company and affection to food. But, she’s also still very much – a stray. She’s wired to fend for herself. Although we’re great friends, I’m aware she would choose independence over restraint any day. She was born to be wild.


She’s still teaching me.



 scaredy cat



And through the weird blend of terrorist nonsense and homeless kittens my Heavenly Father has allowed me to examine my heart as well.


I’m learning that:


Facing our fear requires an accurate analysis of it. We need to know our enemy. We live in a ‘seen’ world that is encased within an ‘unseen’ world. Evil is real. An accurate view of our threat is necessary – living in crippling fear of it, is death. We don’t need to be scaredy cats – we have a protector and defender present with us at all times. His care is right and perfect. He’s equipped to do battle for us and his enemies are not people. Ephesians 6:12-17


Our own shadow can sometimes be our greatest threat. I was shocked how quickly I scurried to protect myself. The thought of losing my blog was troubling, but the rippling effect of other possibilities was horrifying. I found myself introspecting about what mattered most to me. How loosely was I holding onto earthly possessions or my identity? Not very loosely. Worse – I saw how idolatrous I was and self-protective of things I felt represented ME. Matthew 16:25


We are born to be wild. The greatest adventures happen outside the safe places we create for ourselves. We’re wired to hunt – to trust God for our provision and care. We’re equipped to function in him. Faith is a gift- it’s also a link to freedom. Matthew 6:25


In some odd way I’m grateful I was targeted by the hackers. They gave me a chance to introspect and recalibrate. I also appreciate the fact a stray mom cat chose to birth her babies in our woodpile. How boring life would be without peeks of wonder along this path we call ordinary.



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Beyond the Glass

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The transformation from sand to glass is remarkable and the finished product, a thing of beauty.

Glass gathers light, magnifies and replicates. Glass can be tamed and transformed into an image-bearing mirror or cut to reflect multiple hues through a prism. I have to admit, I love clear glass. And not just artistic forms of glass, I love windows.

A carefully placed window can become a work of art in our home. It allows the changing environment of the outdoors to grace our static indoor world. Behind its safe barrier we’re able to witness the wild. Bees, birds and harsh weather can be experienced without consequence. From our couch we’re able to watch waves crash or icicles form – wild animals eating or hummingbirds dance.

Although beautiful, there is danger in window glass.

The danger is more than its shattering. The danger is missing the world beyond.

When we venture outside, past the pane of glass, we risk. But we also move toward delight and even an encounter with God himself. The Bible clearly tells us he speaks through our surroundings. We hear his greatness when we sit still listening to the soft whir of bird’s wings or rustling leaves.

We are challenged to trust him when brave enough to sit quietly on an ocean cliff dampened by salty droplets. Life is imparted when we’re in an open clearing deep in the woods feeling sunrays on our back, listening and waiting.

Smells, sounds, sensations and sights are intensified when experienced in unison. His presence is tangible.

It’s no wonder Christ left the crowds and could often be found alone, outside. He was sand. He submitted to experiential fire and became the perfect reflection of, and window pane to – his father.

We risk only partially knowing him when we remain in the safety of our own little houses – observing. We miss the full encounter when we fail to take the risk of venturing outside. Not outside our houses, but outside of ourselves and through partial exposure. We experience him through his Word and in church, but not exclusively. He is all consuming and everywhere.

When we explore the everywhere-ness of him rather than merely watching from a distance, the sand of our soul is swept up into the hand of God. He chooses the furnace we need to be placed within – adjusts the fire just so and we are formed.

A grain of sand, part of an eternal plan – more than a glimpse and beyond the glass.


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The Road to a Solid Argument

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capitola morning beautyYou’d think after decades of married life we would run out of material to argue about, but of course, we haven’t.


It’s the mental wrestling matches over the most trivial issues that really get us. For example, we recently argued about which was the best route to take when going from Point A to Point B. Whenever we visit a particular friend’s house approximately 20 minutes away from where we live my husband insists on going the longer way. Some might think it’s a debatable and ridiculous argument. The differentiation in time is probably between 3 -5 minutes on any given day and could lean in the favor of either direction depending on traffic conditions.


The ongoing argument is actually less about the route than it is about my idea on what saves time. His route has stop signs and mine has signals.


I guess I’m a gambler. I’m also probably less law-abiding than my husband. In my opinion it’s OK to speed up over the limit in order to race through a yellow light. I hate delays and dislike waiting even more. And then there’s the stop sign dilemma. Although I know it’s the law to come to a full stop at an intersection it hardly seems necessary when no one’s at the cross street. Short stops seem equivalent to a yellow light to me.


The stop sign route is a safe bet. There’s no guessing whether the light will change and not much variation in speed since the route is riddled with the annoying signs. My route is a clear shot to our destination unlike my husband’s which winds through town and past the ocean. My way includes a stretch of freeway with a 65mph speed limit.


Today when I was headed to the controversial destination by myself I chose to go my husband’s way – just because. Maybe I secretly wanted to clock it while I was behind the wheel to prove my point once and for all.


Instead of placing my bet against an upcoming light I found myself daydreaming and less concerned about time or speed. I could see the tortoise and hare scenario playing out before my eyes. The slower way was definitely inching along in a more rapid pace than I had experienced when I was arguing my point in transit with my husband.


And then there’s the ocean. Had I really been so set on winning my argument and capturing a couple extra minutes that I’d missed the ocean variable in the equation? Really?


What a waste of time silly arguments can be. If we’re only given so many days on the planet and so many moments – maybe it’s best to go slow. Maybe a steady path that takes a little longer has worth, in and of itself.


Like it or not we’re all headed for the same destination. Our plans, our platforms and our time will one day come to a screeching halt. We won’t be able to avoid the ultimate stop sign waiting for us.

Deciding to take the long way was a good idea. It taught me moments are gifts. Not the minutes I was trying to gain, but moments I was missing.


Moments are given to be fully lived, completely embraced and tenderly shared.


So, I’ve changed my mind on the best route to get to our friend’s house. Whether or not I tell my husband is another discussion.



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