Gifts From My Mother – Through Life and Her Death

  This past week I had the sacred privilege of sitting with my mother while she slowly and bravely made her trek through the valley of death. Watching her tiny frame prepare for its final breath was a holy invitation to reflect and give thanks. Her body may have been the instrument offered to deliver […]

My Brittle Heart Yearns To Be Soft

  My brittle heart yearns for the softness of innocent trust. It squirms within the shell of experiences that mold it – waiting for occasional moments to beat with true freedom. I know my heart was designed for feeling – for vulnerable encounters. Unfortunately like most people, I learned early on that along with vulnerability […]

Memorial Day – More Than Remembrance

  The three day weekend is fast approaching. We will remember our heroes through an avalanche of patriotic commercials and emotional photos. The nation will take a short pause to commemorate our fallen on Memorial Day. Like most major holidays the media inundates us with ads, short video clips and images. The Memorial Day photographs […]