Power of Touch

The sense of touch could be considered a language of the soul. In some ways its volume reaches a higher decibel than our voice. It speaks with a non-threatening vocabulary, crosses cultures and sometimes penetrates the heart deeper than words. Touch can whisper to anger. It shouts the sometimes difficult-to-say words like “I love and […]

Freedom to be Complete

Of all the lessons I learned at camp I think observing true freedom at a deeper level was most impactful. From mealtime to worship – the environment was saturated with raw and wonderful freedom.     I certainly didn’t miss planning meals during the week of camp. Three times a day we filed into the dining hall for another incredible feast. There […]

Shaped by Words

    “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” – Robert Frost     Said the seemingly worthless lump of mud to the Master Potter, “How is it I find myself here under the careful strokes of your hands?” “I’ve looked around at many fine specimens of honor, ability and worth, and yet […]