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Courageous faith stands taller than, wider than, and deeper than any faith I’ve experienced. Although I don’t fully understand it, I recognize it when I see it. Courageous faith seems to emerge out of the darkest places. It rises up above wild angry seas. it surfaces from tumultuous rapids and within the flames of fire.

People who demonstrate courageous faith rarely realize they have it. It seems to come with a soft garment of humility. It grows in adversity and it cannot be tamed.

No one wants the circumstances that accompany courageous faith. No one relishes storms, rapids or consuming fires. For courageous faith lives within adverse circumstance. It doesn’t tell the circumstance what to do or try to predict its outcome. Like outcome, it’s beauty and power cannot be captured.

When circumstances squeeze in around the strong shoulders of such faith, arms reach down to lift observers up top. I’ve seen the broad shoulders grow big enough to carry whole communities, families and the faithless.

Storms and fires want to overpower courageous faith – but they can’t. Our powerlessness and dependence are its energy boosters, growth-generating enhancers. The higher the waves, the greater its resistance. The deeper the waters, the more buoyant it is. The hotter the furnace, the more brilliant it becomes.

Courageous faith is not of this world. We can’t learn it, earn it or reproduce it. We can’t even properly describe it, but when we see it, we know it.

Whether from the top of someone’s shoulders or within a storm ourselves, if we look long enough, we will see the face of God. He is the lifeblood of courageous faith – he is the anchor, the author. He is the breath, the depth and the width.

Strength, valor, grit, and perseverance can be found in the middle of any circumstance.

Today is the day to fill our own cup of trust. We do it by consuming the Word of God and spending time with him. Our cup is filled one spoonful at a time by dependence and brokenness.

Believe. Trust. Grab hold – so when the waters rise, when the seas try to overtake us or fires rage – we will be ready for the miracle of courageous faith. He promises to be there. With us. Our overcomer. Our strong defender. Our God. Our courage and our strength.




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    1. And I appreciate your eyes reading it. More importantly, I respect the courageous faith you have exhibited over the years Louis, and still do. Thank you for that!

  1. You’ve described this accurately: emerges, rises up, carries a whole community, cannot be tamed, more buoyant, more brilliant, miracle. But it’s birthplace is not one of my choosing: darkness, fire, storm, adversity. I’m drawn to the bling but not the birth: the product without the process. And I realize I generally want that for others, too…In fact, I often pray for the easy, quick resolution for my friends which would take them out of the terrible beauty of what God wants to work and build and redeem in hardness. Once again you’ve taken me to a tough thought, but one well worth the meditation.

    1. “The bling without the birth”, so true! Can you even imagine the celebrations around the throne each time someone truly embraces their personal cross… how it must add to the brilliance of His kingdom. Now THAT’S REAL BLING!

  2. Pat, this is so spot on! I couldn’t agree more that “No one wants the circumstances that accompany courageous faith.” But without the adverse circumstances, we don’t get to see His strength made perfect in our weakness. His work in our lives through those adverse circumstances can make it all worthwhile!

    1. No one knows about this more than our Heavenly Father. He modeled courageous faith first – before He promised to escort us to and through our own cross. And then He gives us the very faith we believe Him with. It’s crazy amazing!

  3. I just read this- aaaahhhh, after our phone convo of this morning….the Truth is the treasure worth the quest

    1. You’re a courageous faith-filled warrior, Laura. I’m proud to know you. “The truth is the treasure” – Yes it is!

  4. Another great post Pat! So many times I have watched those I care so much about go through this process. Just this morning I was praying for my granddaughter asking the Lord to make her life easy, light, enjoyable, good and for her not to have a care in the world. I sensed the Lord asking me , “is this REALLY what you want for her?” No trials. all smooth paths, no rocks to step over, no challenges so she won’t see the need to draw closer to me?” Believe me, I WAS CHALLENGED to answer that question! We must experience being carried by Him in an adverse circumstance to really know Him and the fellowship of His suffering. a catapiller to a beautiful butterfly takes a painful process but Jesus is there carrying us the entire time!

    1. What a powerful challenge you were given, Jeannie. Something would be entirely wrong with us if we sought out hard times. I find myself simply praying for grace, mercy and a strong sense of his nearness. Boy, do we need all three of those. Thank you for sharing and for living so courageously.

  5. Thank you dear friend for reminding me to look for the face of God today. Yes, I long for those dearest to me not to have to go through more storms and pain, yet I am reminded of the courageous faith that I see demonstrated at this time. Praise God that He is our overcomer, our defender!

    1. Our nurturing, protective hearts desperately resist seeing anyone we love experience hurt. I believe the nurturer would gladly take the place of someone we love in turmoil rather than stand by and watch. Sometimes the most courageous individuals are those close to the hurting. It is very difficult to keep perspective. We certainly do need our anchor, our defender, our overcomer!

      I miss and love you friend.

    1. It certainly does, Linda. Thankfully, we know One who specializes in walking on top of our waves. Praise Him!

    1. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you, Lori. I have to say I marvel at people like you – I can’t even begin to imagine writing and raising six children at the same time. AND church planting. You’ve obviously tapped into the grace you write about.
      See you next Sunday!

  6. Love this post Pat, sending it to a loved one who is trusting God through a diffificult time. As I look back on my life and the hard times that kept me on my knees I know I needed those times to refine and deepeen my faith. They changed me, they grew me, they purified me. But I am glad that His Word says it takes only a mustard seed of faith to move mountains, Mat. 17:20. Sometimes, that is all I had. I am grateful that all of life’s moments are controlled by the Lord, the hard times lead us to love Him even more.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Kim. I find it deeply humbling to realize that even the faith we believe in him with came from him. He is truly all we need. Grace + nothing. Undeserved and complete. It’s amazing really.

      May God encourage your loved one as they walk through their difficulty… breathing strength and nearness into their heart.

  7. So thankful you stopped by my blog,so I could find yours, too! Thank you for the sweet comments you left…they meant so much to me. I loved your thoughts on courageous faith. You are so right. My family and I have gone through some very hard places over the past few years, but as we have emerged from the intensity of battles, I have watched that courageous faith take on deeper depths and truer meaning in our lives. It is in the storm that we most learn to trust and to see that God is faithful to our faith in Him. Such a beautiful life…walking it with Jesus. God bless you, my new found friend!

    1. I have been delightfully surprised each time I meet new people through blog link-ups. And you are one of them, Cheryl. Your blog, Homespun Devotions, was fun to read today on tips for being frugal. I hope my friends will visit you too by clicking on your name.

      It truly is a beautiful life to walk with Jesus – and he has wonderful friends for us to meet along the way also. Bless you!

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