For Our Good

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The belief that things will eventually work out for good can certainly provide a level of peace to our life. It allows the difficult moments to roll off our back in the hope things will eventually get better – or be good. But when circumstances begin to pile up and our comfort is challenged, belief alone often comes up short.

Throughout his lifetime Jesus showed us how to believe and live in the truth of God’s goodness. It was especially evident on the cross. His life was shaped by the full embrace of the greater good found in his Father’s eternal story.

It’s the same for us. Where can disappointment live when our own prerequisite expectations are nailed to a cross? When we relinquish our need to control.

Meditate today-  Good  Friday –  on what Jesus has done for you. Ask him to help you embrace your own cross today. And then claim the package of good things he’s personalized for you in his eternal plan.

Have a glorious Easter.



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  1. “Where can disappointment live when our own prerequisite expectations are nailed to a cross?” So true. Our expectations and efforts to control are often based on our own perceptions of “good.” When we nail them to the cross we can exchange our good for His “immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.” Can’t wait to see you!

    1. The “immeasurably more” that rights our wrong ideas of good, so true.
      Can’t wait to see you too, Shannon. I’ll be your ride from the airport and really looking forward to it!

  2. When I consider the things I labor to gain and strive to hang onto in comparison to what Christ willingly laid down I am deeply humbled. He is our example and guide for perspective. One day – to be like him – I can’t wait.

    1. I can’t wait either, Sara. May your Easter be filled with glimpses of the One you love so sweetly. Bless you.

  3. Seeing the value of the cross separate from the resurrection is difficult. Christ was fully present as he embraced his time on it, even attending to others up to the end. It’s a remarkable thought. Grace driven.

    1. “For the joy set before him”. I’m so grateful for his amazing grace. Happy Resurrection, Rachel!

  4. Wow! You hit the nail on the head today Pat. All week my comfort has been challenged and I’m not liking it! A message I once heard was, “Where there’s a cross there is a resurrection! I have had to remind myself of that all week! Being the responsible person I am has encouraged my desire to control! Letting go this week and embracing changes has reminded me I’M NOT IN CONTROL, THE LORD IS! As I embrace my cross with humility I am expecting a resurrection! God is faithful and no respecter of persons.

    1. I can relate to every single word you wrote, Jeannie. It must be in the air. At the same time I’m dealing with my own heart issues, I have a greater sense of expectation than ever.

      He IS trustworthy and ALWAYS has our ‘good’ in mind. I’m looking upward with you my friend, and praising God for the resurrection sure to come.

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