Lens Caps, Raindrops and Perspective

apple blossoms

Isn’t this a great picture – I can’t believe I took it!


I love beautiful art, both on film and canvas. Admittedly I’m neither an artist nor a photographer, so the fact I took this picture from my inexpensive point and shoot camera is beyond amazing to me.

I especially appreciate how the camera captured exactly what I wanted it to – crystal clear drips showcased on apple blossoms. Breathtaking!

It also blurred out what I didn’t want shown – the backdrop of our yard.

If the picture were to pan out, it would include the unsightly elements I choose to crop, such as the web of electrical wires above and brown spots on the lawn below.


Rain was falling the day I shot this picture, both on our yard and in my heart.


Some days just feel that way.


Circumstances unfold causing a tightening to the chest that moves up the throat and into our minds like lava from the core. We know the boil over won’t be pretty. So we fester and steam. We isolate and focus inward.

The day I took the picture was like that. Circumstances I had no control over were holding me hostage like the rain – I was stuck inside, both literally and figuratively.

When I find myself in that condition I can’t see clearly. My vision is out of focus or focused on the wrong things. Some call it morbid introspection. I call it suffocation. Electrical wires seem to wrap around my neck, holding my gaze on all the brown spots in my life.

That day I heard God’s voice prompt me to go outside. He challenged me to, “Keep my mind on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, and proper.” as Phil 4:8 says.


He knew my mind needed a singularity of focus – a refreshing.


When I apply the lens of his love to my sight – both in my mind and on my circumstances, he is faithful to show himself every time. Glimpses of him are life breathing, fire quenching and heavenly.

The beautiful little water drops were true, they were pure and right. They were also God’s mysterious way of cleansing my sour soul and drenching the fire within.


A fresh focus can also lead to a broader perspective.


Panning my focus out a bit, I could reclaim the truth that my life is my life, given by him – electrical wires, brown spots and all. The very wires I resent, even the circumstances I beg to control – are all here for my good. Who am I to question his divine plan for me?

He is certainly found in the beauty of raindrops – refreshing, cleansing, clinging. But he also sits unscathed with the birds on the high voltage wires I resent.

Today, my focused heart clings and releases. I choose gratitude for his divine care. I choose vision beyond what I see and freedom to exploit the perimeters of my own sight.


16 replies on “Lens Caps, Raindrops and Perspective”

  1. God spoke to me today through your story. In every situation there is something good to behold. It sometimes take time and effort to find the good and focus in on it, but it will always be there. Just what I needed to read this morning!

    1. I’m so grateful to have people like you in my life, Toni. Our journey is richer when it’s shared. Bless you.

  2. “Brown spots and electrical wires”…been there. In fact, might be there about now myself. Thankful for the freedom found in obeying God’s word – and for those who remind me it’s worthwhile to do so!

    1. I’m grateful to have your company when I find myself in that state, D’Arcy. How ‘bout we look up together – I hear redemption draweth nigh!

  3. First, I do love the beautiful picture of the apple blossoms! I think they’re there as a reminder of new life for us each year they return, don’t you? His consistent care is there for us no matter what state of mind we are in. I’m grateful for that. Thank you for letting us into your world and heart Pat. You’re beautiful too.

    1. I’m actually amazed every year the blossom reappear. Our fruit trees are subject to some pretty serious pruning – and yet, those vulnerable little buds return, right on cue. Yep – consistent care is right!

  4. Beautifully honest, friend! Thank you for sharing this lovely reminder of God’s faithfulness and his personalized presence.

    1. I continue to work on honesty and vulnerability, Shannon. It shouldn’t be so hard.
      Appreciate you very much!

  5. You have some exquisite sentences tucked inside this piece, Pat. ‘God sits unscathed atop the wires that bind us as he quenches fire and breathes life’. Lovely image of the divine.

    1. We certainly live in a new world, don’t we Louis. Throwing my words out into cyber space can be very intimidating – scary, really. But when people like you tell me the words actually landed somewhere, it somehow make sense and brings a quiet to my trembling soul. It’s an odd dance of relief and satisfaction.

      All that to say, “Thank You” for reading and for responding.

  6. Pat, you so eloquently framed, and put into words what we all go through at times, and all too often I might add! Seems like the brown spots draw our attention waaay too much! The Lord always has our best in mind when He lets us experience “low times.” I appreciate you putting into words what I feel too frequently. God has us though, and we rest in that. Thanks for your humbleness and transparency. Just makes you more beautiful!

  7. I too can relate to your words, sometimes my circumstances draw me so inward that I get trapped in fear. Always, always, when I finally turn to HIM I see that I am not alone, he is sitting on that wire right next to me. I loved this post, Pat, All that occurs in my life is for my good, part of his divine plan. There will continue to be brown spots popping up in my life until the day I see Heaven, I will hold on to Phil. 4:8, this verse is so powerful, and when He beckons me to get off that wire, I will trust Him. Thank you for this beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness to us.

    1. “When he beckons me off the wire.” Yes! He is so faithful and completely trustworthy. Appreciate you, dear friend!

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