Imagine with me for a moment, a family parked in the driveway of their home as it burns and is consumed by flames. Inside the car, parents are screaming accusations at the top of their lungs. Horrified, the children observe and try to make sense of what they see and hear from the backseat.

Loss, blame, fear of an uncertain future and fiery threats seem to surround the family and fill the car.

With pointing fingers and escalated voices they fail to see they will soon lose their house and all within it. They are also at risk of losing their disheartened children who will eventually slip out of the car in an attempt to salvage parts of their dissolving life.

Truth is, the house was doomed long before the fire. Neglect threatened its foundation and structure for years. And now, that same neglect becomes a welcome mat to the fierce flames that consume it.


Our home is at risk of destruction as well.

When did we begin neglecting our home and our family members?

How have we become comfortable with fellow citizens living in waste and sickness like rodents on our city streets? Or become comfortable with the mistreatment of our most vulnerable, our children?

At what point did we start thinking yelling, lying and accusing one another would bring solutions to our family’s problems?

Our house is in flames. People seem paralyzed in fear over their future while politicians endlessly scream at and blame each other. Neither side is right. They’re both to blame for starting the fire. Both to blame for neglecting the upkeep and care of our once blessed home.

It’s time to cry out to God. All of us. Time to admit our self-indulging arrogance and mismanagement. Time to care about what’s truly important.

If we are fortunate enough to gain a little more time to make things right, we must carefully shore up our foundation upon the truth of God’s Word and his ways. Civility, character, compassion and humility need to spring up from that foundation….

Our eyes must see and hearts cherish our weakest, the defenseless, and unlovely family members, as Christ does. Now is the time to repent and return to God. Our rebuilding and revitalization is dependent on it.


Please consider listening to the attached message recently delivered at the Prayer March in Washington DC.

We serve a gracious and good God. He will hear our prayers and help us rebuild if we honor and follow him.

2 Chronicles 7:14

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