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Imagine the horror I felt the day I opened my blog to find it was no longer mine. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A new page complete with Islamic flags boldly declared my site had been hacked by a Turkish militant group.

Adrenaline fueled my panic as I checked bank accounts and other personal sites to see if anything else was affected. I frantically changed passwords and did my best to reclaim my website, but it was gone. There was no way to bypass the dreadful page.

My mind melted into fear. My soul ached with loss.

Why was I targeted? My last post was about CATS, for crying out loud. Forced to let it go, cat needs pushed me past the drama.

Mom cat and her five kittens still live with us. I remain consumed with their situation. After watching their personalities develop I can appreciate their ingrained behaviors. I’ve concluded all kittens are ‘scaredy cats’. Even though extremely curious, they’re afraid of their own shadow or sudden moves.

Stray mom cat and I have become close friends. She loves me. Sometimes I swear she prefers my company and affection to food. But, she’s also still very much – a stray. She’s wired to fend for herself. Although we’re great friends, I’m aware she would choose independence over restraint any day. She was born to be wild.

She’s still teaching me.

 scaredy cat

And through the weird blend of terrorist nonsense and homeless kittens my Heavenly Father has allowed me to examine my heart as well.

I’m learning that:

Facing our fear requires an accurate analysis of it. We need to know our enemy. We live in a ‘seen’ world that is encased within an ‘unseen’ world. Evil is real. An accurate view of our threat is necessary – living in crippling fear of it, is death. We don’t need to be scaredy cats – we have a protector and defender present with us at all times. His care is right and perfect. He’s equipped to do battle for us and his enemies are not people. Ephesians 6:12-17

Our own shadow can sometimes be our greatest threat. I was shocked how quickly I scurried to protect myself. The thought of losing my blog was troubling, but the rippling effect of other possibilities was horrifying. I found myself introspecting about what mattered most to me. How loosely was I holding onto earthly possessions or my identity? Not very loosely. Worse – I saw how idolatrous I was and self-protective of things I felt represented ME. Matthew 16:25

We are born to be wild. The greatest adventures happen outside the safe places we create for ourselves. We’re wired to hunt – to trust God for our provision and care. We’re equipped to function in him. Faith is a gift- it’s also a link to freedom. Matthew 6:25

In some odd way I’m grateful I was targeted by the hackers. They gave me a chance to introspect and recalibrate. I also appreciate the fact a stray mom cat chose to birth her babies in our woodpile. How boring life would be without peeks of wonder along this path we call ordinary.

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  1. I love your honesty and transparency. Thank you for wedding the seen with the unseen and teaching as you are being taught. This lesson has relevance on many levels, personal on out…..
    I so look forward to each of your blogs – well-wrapped nuggets await!

    1. Grace, the amazing kind – where would we be without it? Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate you.

  2. OK, sorry but I just have to ask. So . . . even tho your blog became no longer yours, if you didn’t fix it, how come we can still read it? Did you have to redo everything & start from scratch?

  3. I love it! Of course you would ask, you have ‘cat-like’ curiosity 🙂 Yes, the site was out of commission for several days. I was fortunate to have a web designer who untangled the mess and got in. She worked really hard to reconstruct everything. I could never have fixed it on my own. Pretty grateful. Thanks for reading!

  4. Always honest, insightful and encouraging.

    I pray I find the courage to leave some of the “safe places” I have created for myself and rest in faith outside… a work in progress.

    Love this post, Pat.

    1. And what a beautiful ‘work in progress’ you are. Last week’s post put exit signs all over your ‘safe place’. Do it again – soon. I love you, Leah.

  5. His life is the light that shines through the darkness—and the darkness can never extinguish it. John 1:5. I was thinking maybe God may have allowed this because someone on the other end needed to read your blog. Who knows, right? God always works for the good of us all. I think you may need to keep one of those kittens, love your blog,

    1. I love these kitties too much to keep them Kim. They need owners who are home more than we are. Thank you for reading, for pondering and for sharing. You’re a gift.

  6. All things do work together for the good. Mama cat and babies were just the distraction that you needed. In Christ you were shown you are greater than the fear and came out on the other side stronger for it. Your insight is proof of this and has become a blessing to many. God wins!

  7. So well stated once again. Lately, the Holy Spirit has been dealing with me in the area of risk and I have been meditating on one of my favorite verses Psalm 107:23 where I am reminded that the Presence is in places of risk. So what is my true treasure and where does my desire really lie? A question that I am posed over and over again. Just trying not to be such a “scaredy cat” 🙂 Thanks for the reinforcement and encouragement.

    1. I’m so intrigued by the scripture you’re pondering, Teresa. I’ve always read the verse from a commissioning perspective – but you’re right, ‘risk’ comes with that. Verse 24 gives the bait and the promise – the draw. He dwells there.

      Time to throw off the shoreline and go deep I’d say – said the wee little kitten to it’s siblings…

  8. Yes, I actually meant including that verse. The whole thought through verse 30 is pretty wonderful. George MacDonald said that we desire to go deep and swim out but tend to want a lifeline to the shore in order to pull ourselves back in if we need to but that we do not realize it is a death line that tethers us and keeps us from really entrusting ourselves to His care and enabling us to really go into the deep. I always loved that thought, which is exactly what you are saying — not that I have always been able to let that line go, for I am the wee-est of kittens, the runt of the litter 🙂

    1. Along this same vein, Andre Gide’s quote –
      “One doesn’t discover new land without consenting to loose sight of the shore for a very long time.”

      Good stuff. Ponder worthy.

  9. It’s so obvious Pat that the Lord led that mama cat to your wood-pile on your property. She must have known by instinct that her babies would be well taken care of there. So amazing how the Lord puts that protectiveness in his small creatures. Even the animals sense the presence of the Lord and they also respond to His peace, safety and provision. I agree, we can learn many valuable lessons from animal life and creation as well. How horrifying for that to happen to your blog! Satan is trying to rise up in this last hour just as the Bible prophecies…BUT GOD IS STRONGER THAN ANY FORCE THAT WOULD COME AGAINST US! GREATER IS HE THAT IS WITHIN US THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD! So thankful for your friend who helped you get your blog back! Keep writing, I so enjoy your blogs!

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