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Summertime is the sweetheart of the seasons.

Children wait all year for its arrival. Anticipated and well planned vacations finally squeeze into its slim perimeters. Even fruit trees spend the year preparing for the grand finale. Summer comes with high expectations and crescendos with lazy relief.

Familiar scents usually lure us out of hiding into the glorious arms of the season. Cut grass, star jasmine, foggy air – even the tangy stench of sunscreen lathers the senses with intoxicating images.

Every soul needs summertime. Dreamy days, warm nights, less clothing and conversations that linger.

Children aren’t the only ones who gain from the decompression, we all do. Summer takes us away from our usual. Whether geographical or internal – we benefit from the slowing down. Our sun starved skin drinks in the extra Vitamin D while our minds unwind and soul feasts on the fruit of uncluttered moments.

Somehow reading a book by a river’s edge or at a packed pool for hours isn’t perceived as a waste of time. Summer both redeems and invests.

Layers of clothing along with accumulated concerns seem to drop off as the weeks linger on – exposing our kindred lumps, bumps, hopes and fears. Our feet can breathe – dreams swell as we lay in the grass or sand or unfamiliar turf.

We know summer is fleeting and we’ll soon be inching toward winter once again through the subtle door of fall – so we dance with our sweetheart – grasping what she offers and storing up till her next visit.

Take walks.

Befriend a stranger.

Read a book by a new author.

Watch a mother play with her child.

Listen for baby birds, look for new life around you.

Stay outside till the moon comes up and count the stars.

Pick fresh fruit from a vine and let its juices rest on your tongue before swallowing.

[Tweet “Hear God speak to you in your slowing down moments “] winter is coming – this is the place we gather material for dreams and peace in our future.




27 replies on “Summertime”

    1. Thanks Marina. It’s my first visit to FMF although I’ve enjoyed many posts from the community. Hope to see more of you! Till then – exhaling!

  1. Your post and pictures make me want to spend an adventurous day outside today. I will add to your list to smell of campfires, play tag in the street and go to an amusement park… it’s soul-filling to do these things that we don’t do all year long I think.

    1. Summer absolutely needs to include campfires and tag – not so sure about amusement parks, ha! May your days and soul be filled w/ summer’s sweetness, Carolyn.

  2. You have captured the sweetness of the season as well as reminding me that it is ok to slowdown and enjoy it all minute by minute!
    Thank you, dear Friend!!!!

  3. Hey Pat ~ Your cool photos speak summertime to me … so inviting and relaxing. The heat serves a needed reminder to take a breath, slow down, and put our feet up. And that sounds good to me!

    Hope your 4th is sparklin’, friend!


    1. I did have a sparklin’ 4th, Linda. Simple bar-b-que with three other couples, lots of laughs and even some sparklers. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks friend.

  4. Ahhhhhh! Thank you for the reminder (I think I need it DAILY!) not to get so caught up in the harvesting of the summer produce that I forget to s l o w down and store up (‘can’, if you will) warm and sunny memories for the gray months that follow! Your words always refresh, Gurlfren!

  5. Love this post! It’s OKAY to relax and enjoy this season. The Lord gave us summer to enjoy, take a deep breath and…..ENJOY HIM! I’m determined to enjoy my summer this year. Thanks for the inspiration to do just that Pat!

    1. Sounds like a good plan, Jeannie. Maybe your plan can include a couple of brisk walks on West Cliff Dr 🙂

  6. God DOES SPEAK in the slowing down moments of SUMMER! Adding to your list: fireflies, camp smoke, crickets at nighttime and roasting marsh mellows. I love and appreciate summer too!!! Nice post, Pat. I’m “listening” with you…

    1. How fun – fireflies and camp smoke! There’s so much to love about the season and always, always, oh so many ways to connect with our creator. Enjoy it Claire.

  7. Gorgeous photos, Pat! I love summertime. What an awesome God to give us seasons to enjoy. I’m next to you at Sandra’s this week.

    1. It’s my first visit to Sandra’s, I was glad to see you there too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the 4th, I really enjoyed it.
      Blessings to you, Elizabeth. Enjoy your Sunday service tomorrow.

  8. Another beautiful post, Pat, and I love your photos! Lately I have found myself so desiring, needing those moments of quiet. This right here, spoke to my heart —> “Hear God speak to you in your slowing down moments.” Grateful for the moments lately. Have a blessed Sunday!

    1. Me too, Joanne. I know summer presents the gift of slowing down moments, but I have to willingly take them as quiet/refreshing moments for the soul.
      You have a blessed Sunday too.

  9. I love this line so much I feel it. “Summer comes with high expectations and crescendos with lazy relief.” Bless you for sharing this lazy summer moment with the #GiveMeGrace community. Have a great week Pat!

    1. I love being part of your community Lisha, you’re a gracious hostess. You have a great week too!

    1. Thank you Jolene. I really appreciate your feedback. Be blessed with the wonder of summer today!

  10. Hi Pat! And fireflies…I love to see the hovering light over my backyard grass in the evening…
    Yes, summer is fleeting, but you have so many ways to ensure it presses in and leaves its footprints in my heart. Wonderful!

    1. I’ve only seen fireflies twice in my life and remember the details explicitly. You’re blessed to live in a region with tiny light shows in your backyard, Ceil. And I’m blessed to get to know you. Have a wonderful week!

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