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I’d like to introduce you to my friend Leah Crook. She’s in the process of writing her first book. I asked her to send me something to share with you here. Her piece is a little heavy – but isn’t real life sometimes? Please welcome and encourage her with feedback and comments.


 To the Light


Whatever demons you find yourself dancing with today, or yesterday – Possibly, for months or even many years. The struggle seems endless, I know.


If you feel you have been put to sleep, and cannot wake up. If you have allowed another person, place or thing to harm your soul and put your light out. Please know, as sure as your heart is beating, all that is yours is not lost. Underneath the lies, the truth speaks. No matter how far you have fallen – or been pushed, behind the fog, light waits patiently to shine again.


You are as free as your mind believes you to be…. Believe that you are worthy.

You are beautiful and you are free.



In my sleep

thunder roars

lightning strikes and burns


The piano plays as I’m pulled away

I dare to listen, he whispers to me

while he breaths into me – his lies


It’s like a haunting

knowing him

every time I blend into his energy – he doesn’t look good on me


Still, I go with him

my soul suffers with him

I begin to disappear


He draws me away from the light

relentlessly, calling out to me…into the black I fade

he deceives me, he cuts deeper into me, he steals from me


I join him – over and over

I dance to his music, drink his poison – oblivious

red tears fall for him, I’m dying for him


I’m up all night again with misery

because misery loves company

impersonating love and loyalty



Misery loves company and misery loves me

I can’t seem to escape and he laughs at me

I’m trapped, I can’t breath, he’s killing me


As I lay lifeless in the land of the free

depleted and broken

a stunning light shines down on me



I’m afraid to look – afraid to move – afraid to change



In my weakness, light overturns the dark

certainty overwhelms

and pulls me out of the deep – the truth begins to scream out at me – I know I need to run away


Without words, my spirit cries out for mercy

I reach up, let go, lean in

and fall into the hands of grace


My heart beats, the skies open wide and rain down on me – washing me


Thunder roars, lightning strikes

I am awake – I am alive – I am free


Visit Leah at her website for more soul searching posts –




  1. So vivid and captivating! Grateful for the Truth and the Light of our Savior. Blessings to you, Leah as you write!

    • “Vivid and captivating” perfectly describe this post. Thanks Shannon.

    • Encouraging words… I cherish. Thanks so much, Shannon!

      Blessings to you, as well.

  2. A friend wrote the following to me in a private message.

    “Hi Pat, thank you for posting Leah’s piece. Boy, to think any of us ever feel alone in those weak truths of our souls, things we don’ want to reveal. Exposing that stuff is true fellowship and God rejoices! It is sooooo opposite to the “all-together”, got the tiger by the tail attitude, that we convolute ourselves into – like Houdini in a box with chains.”


  3. I first read Leash’s writing a few days ago. I was drawn today to go back and reread it. And this time not only did I read it but I took the time to mediate on it and let the words sink in. I believe Leah’s writing gives wings to the truth. Leah, you certainly have a gift to write..well done!

    • Thanks for coming back and sharing your thoughts, Toni. I’m truly blessed that you were here.


  4. Thank you, Leah, for a vibrant word-painting of where you’ve been….it is sure to be a lifeline to many others when your book is born, as well as a window for many of us into the lives of sisters who, until now, we didn’t understand. The depth of your gift is very apparent. Keep at it!

    • Appreciating your thoughts, I’ll remember them as I continue writing – thanks for looking in…


  5. Leah, I was totally unprepared for the way your words affected me. Your words directed and coaxed my heart in multiple directions – like a journey…painful, but good because of the raw honesty. A true journey. I was struck by the way you shocked me with your transparency and willingness to be honest – I didn’t expect that. You used words like watercolors – surprising, totally, you weren’t afraid to use the darker shades of color. Your depth of heart and self awareness is beautiful. I would love to read anything you would care to publish. You are a great treasure.

    • ‘Using words like watercolors without fear of including the darker shades of color’ to paint a more honest picture of our journey. Wow. Now that’s something to ponder. Thanks Christy.

    • I am extremely grateful for this, Christy. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share – I appreciate you!


  6. Leah,
    I am amazed at the word pictures of your journey.
    Your pain bleeds through your words into my heart.
    They are vivid and deep.
    I have felt them myself.
    God’s Light, Love and Forgiveness were the only things that began healing in me.

    • I’m so grateful for God’s healing. You touched my heart today, Cindy. Thank you!

  7. Hey Leah – I popped over to this post from onward & upward…. wow!! I’ll be sharing this. Isn’t it awesome to be alive, awake and FREE! . And now you give life through your words. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m so glad you did, Kelly. Yes it is… and I’m honored that you would share this – thanks!


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