Amazing Sight

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Allowing myself to look beyond what I see is a constant challenge.

I say I want eyes to see and ears to hear, but my lethargic disregard sometimes suggests otherwise. I obviously choose to be shortsighted and blind. I wear filtered glasses – becoming too self focused to look outward or up.

Today I begged to see. I grieved my loss of sight.

I craved time with my Lord. I needed to see him and hear from him.


After a dim and tearful walk I headed home carrying my comfortable glasses – when suddenly I witnessed the most amazing thing.

Before me hung delicate gossamer art, hovering effortlessly like synchronized parachutes against a perfect sky. At least fifty of these spectacular designs stretched between the modest limbs of a Mulberry tree. They seemed to be suspended in space inhaling breezes and showcasing architectural genius. One of the creations was still under construction as a tiny engineer worked to connect his meticulous spirals, one inch at a time – one row at a time.

Displayed before me was a maze of wonder – brilliantly featured by spotlights of sun-rays. From every angle I could see harmony and order, precision and strength. Its inexplicable beauty paralyzed me.

Each carefully sewn circle somehow missed the other million sticky strings next to it. With limited strands to connect to the outside perimeter, they each managed to navigate their way to a secure place to cling. Some of the circles were four inches in diameter, others up to a foot wide. A few even arched out to miss the neighboring nets.


Speechless – I pondered.

How can I doubt the author of such detail – such genius? Who am I to feel separated, worthless or discouraged?

He spins intricate webs of situations into our lives – everyday – with purpose and for his good pleasure.

He gives us what we need in order to accomplish what he desires – for the greater good.

Whether we see him or not, he works. He watches. He spins order. He details interlinking circumstances within our greater community and his plans – for his pleasure and for our good.

He gives the blind, sight. This I know.


Tears have rinsed my tired eyes today – God spoke hope and life to me through the masterful efforts of tiny eight-legged creatures. Go figure.

He is immense. He is infinite in detail. He is near. He speaks and makes himself known.

I love him.


“Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, Lord, is the kingdom, YOU are exalted as head over ALL.” 1 Chronicles 29:11


15 replies on “Amazing Sight”

  1. You’ve done it yet again, Pat…brought tears to my eyes, peace to my soul, and a resounding “YES!” in my spirit. God has so greatly gifted your ability to really SEE and then to translate each frame into a thought so carefully crafted, it fairly melts into my being. Thank you seems shallow but is the best I can offer. love across the ocean, conni

    1. Your Thank You is anything but shallow to me, Conni – I highly value your opinion. My words don’t even come close to capturing the essence of the experience. It was a surreal moment I won’t soon forget. Mahalo for friendship and for commenting!

  2. Absolutely lovely description of nature and your heart for God. I’ll be sharing this with friends. Thank you for sharing your peek of wonder today.

  3. Sounds like you took “time out” Pat and the Lord let you “peek” at His mysterious handiwork! How much better off we would be if we stopped to look into His creativity and order. How I loved this post. Gives me hope and undying trust in His providence. Jesus sees it all, designed it all, and keeps it all spinning in perfect order. Lets’s us all know He has us too! Thanks for this post Pat, it ministered as always!

    1. Amen Jeannie – I find myself limiting my view of him all the time. I’m glad we never fully arrive in our understanding of who he is and how he works, but thankfully, we can be certain of his character and care. Praise God for that.

  4. Finding time to be alone and listen to the Lord is difficult to do with my busy life. I love to be outside when I read the Word in the morning, but sometimes days (even weeks) go by and I realize he’s once again gotten my leftover time instead of my “first fruits”. I loved this story, and I’m inspired! Thanks.

  5. Sometimes I put on those filter glasses because I I want to shut everything out including The Lord and just sit in sorrow, it is never the answer, so thankful when I take them off there is beauty, compassion, forgiveness, and comfort from Him. Last week I was in the zone, glasses on with the passing of a loved pet and I woke early to the sound of birds singing. So thankful he calls, he comes, he hears, when I need him. Thank you for sharing, loved your story.

    1. “The beauty of compassion, forgiveness and comfort…” YES. “He calls, he comes, he hears”, exactly when we need him. Where would we be without such a loving and patient Father. Thanks so much for sharing, Kim.

  6. If only more of us could experience this Divine Order which magically reveals itself when we’re ready to receive it in all it’s exquisite forms. What a blessing to be privy to this. I’ve also seen and marveled many times. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I really wish I had a picture to share, Wandis. I went back later to try to capture what I’d seen, but without the sunlight hitting it just right – it looked like a mass of sticky mess, nothing like I’d seen. I couldn’t believe it. The experience was ‘divinely ordered’. as you call it, at just the right moment I needed to see it. Sounds like you can relate. Thanks for commenting, it’s fun to share the experience with others. Appreciate you.

  7. I loved reading your blog Pat. It’s different from others I read and follow. I know every writer shares their unique view and perspective. I appreciate the simplicity and depth of what you have to say about our complex and yet approachable God. Just wanted to say, “Thanks”.Carol

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