Cards Missing from the Mother’s Day Rack

Like many of you, I visited the card rack yesterday. I was looking for appropriate cards to give several women in my life for Mother’s Day. While sifting through rows of colorful choices I noticed some blaring gaps in the selection. I couldn’t find custom cards for my friends who didn’t seem to fit into the neat categories offered. 

As I watched shoppers finger through their cards – reading and rejecting, sifting and segregating their choices, I wondered if perhaps they were also stumped like me. Not all women who mother are moms. And the broad sweeping categories seemed to exclude many deserving women.

The more complicated the situation, the more inappropriate generic text became.



Where is the card for the young woman I know who recently walked through the unthinkable journey of burying a small child? She is a mother still.
And where is the card for my friends who long for and have worked hard to become pregnant, rejoiced over a positive pregnancy test only to later lose the child before ever having the opportunity to hold it. They are mothers.
I believe the desire to be a mother comes from God and is delivered through a seed more powerful than man’s. God’s seed is fruit-bearing and redemptive. It comes from him, honors him and is him.

I’ve seen many women give birth to such a seed after facing the trauma of their own empty womb.

Women who nurture, feed and tirelessly provide for others are mothers.


Jesus wrote each of my friends a personal card not found in a Hallmark store in the mall. His pleasure for them is spilled out through his Word and by his Spirit. When he answered his disciples with the rhetorical question “Who is my Mother?” he knew. He knew there was a higher law in effect than the natural order of biological connections.


When we mother out of love for others and obedience to God – we give life. We partner with the seed bearer.
Leaving the card counter empty-handed, I chose rather to pray.

May my card-less friends find the treasured text God has written for them on Mother’s Day and know they are deeply loved, appreciated and never forgotten…


6 replies on “Cards Missing from the Mother’s Day Rack”

  1. Pat,
    What a beautiful recognition of the oft-forgotten women who sit through countless Mother’s Day services, holding in their tears while
    all the mothers are asked to stand and be recognized.

    And then there are those who no longer have the comfort and nurture of their mother’s presence, or perhaps never did. May God comfort them in their lonely pilgrimage, and provide the spiritual mothering we all need.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear friend!

  2. Wonderfully said Pat! You have really captured the heart of Jesus with this insight! I believe Jesus speaks to this very matter in Matthew 12:46-50. The spiritual relationships we have with others can be closer than the closest physical tie. He recognized and honored the women in His life who were not His “earthly” mom.

    I pray that the women you are writing about see themselves as Jesus sees them!

    Happy Mother’s Day?

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