Celebrating Us Today

I love you Brendon Baer. As I sit across the living room watching you sleep during a movie you swore we’d both love I’m struck with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for you. I can’t remember a time you weren’t in my life. After all, I was fifteen and you seventeen when we first met.

I knew and loved you before you were a believer. But I have to say you are one of the most compelling examples of a spiritual conversion I’ve ever witnessed. The minute you came to Jesus your stony heart and hotheaded nature tenderized and melted into him. You are non-pretentious and genuine. You’re loyal and impartial.

I have witnessed generosity for people you don’t even know many times. I’ve seen you fix cars, paint houses, repair appliances, clean yards and numerous other acts of kindness – expecting nothing in return. You’re quick to forgive and slow to judge. You’re honorable.

You are such an amazing father. I could never have tackled parenting without you. You taught our children integrity and a strong work ethic. You taught them how to play. You were the one who read Bible stories to them each night. All the important lessons came from you. Whether you were teaching them to clean a bathroom, listen better to me or ride a wave – it was always in love.


There were some rough years – lots of them. But you hung in there. You never gave up on us. I love you more today than I ever thought possible.

Happy 40th my love. Let’s go to Catalina and pretend we’re 21 again.


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  1. “You’re quick to forgive and slow to judge. You’re honorable.”
    I was moved by these words — what a powerful thing to be said.

    Grateful for the way you & Brendon are fitted together and looking forward to more tales of your adventures in life!

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