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Redemption: an exchange, reclaiming or rescuing – my new favorite word. I find myself pleading for it as I pray for my friends. This week especially – my heart feels like it’s encased in thick cement.

A young father waits for a bone marrow transplant after flushing his body with poison to interrupt the wicked plan of cancer. Another friend is stalled midstream in treatment, waiting for test results as she battles a rare female cancer.

Still another friend sits with her daughter in ICU hoping she’ll wake up after careening into an asthma-induced coma. Two states away from her, another friend fights her way back to us after trauma to her brain.

Each one of these dear friends knows the love of God and knows Jesus as their Savior. Each one of them confesses unwavering faith in the face of their storm. They wait. They pray. They’re my heroes.

I watch their communities join them in prayer – pleading for healing – waiting for the supernatural rescue line.

Our Heavenly Father holds all lifelines. He also knows the outcome.

What does he think as he watches us bang heaven’s doors telling him – the creator of all we see and all we can’t see – what he must do? Surely, if we cry hard enough, shout loud enough, make wrong things right – somehow, heaven will finally respond the way we want it to. The torrential storm will pass and clear skies of grace and fairness will return. Bad will be redeemed with his good.

But what if redemption comes in the form of death – or through the mystery of suffering?

Redemption scoops up our broken pieces and reconstructs it for his best use. We didn’t redeem ourselves into right standing with him in the first place. And we cannot redeem our difficult circumstances by what we do or say. As believers, we can’t even claim our own life as our own. Hard times remind us of that.

His plans are always best. He knows the tomorrow we can only dream about.

Releasing our will, our plans and even our grip on the tiller is a lifelong journey. Graciously receiving his redemptive plan – whatever it may be, is an even tougher sea to sail.

Sovereign God, help me let go and accept your perfect plan. Chip away the hard surface of my stoney heart. I yearn to reclaim it with complete trust in who you are. I don’t need to know what your plan looks like – I only need to walk in my own completed redemption with full assurance you are bigger, smarter and wiser than me. Heal us, I pray.

Psalms 66:19-20 “Praise God who does not reject our prayers or withhold his love from us.”


Linking up today with #TellHisStory by Jennifer Dukes Lee. Hop on over to read her blog along with the many others invited to participate in sharing their stories. You won’t regret it.


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  1. Pat, as I read this post I felt your great compassion for those who are struggling in this crazy world, or is it crazy? God DOES see all the suffering and He loves it when we grieve, love, stand in the gap for the hurting. I kept thinking the entire time I was reading your post of that scripture, “Greater love has no one than this,than to lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13. When we stand, pray and empathize with the hurting, taking time to pray, we are laying down our lives. Appreciate your heart so much!

    1. John 15:13 – One of the most beautiful portraits of our redemption.
      Thanks for faithfully reading and responding, Jeannie. Appreciate you very much.

  2. Ha, just when it feels like I have relinquished it ALL, there is always plenty more. Soooooo true, Pat. As it was in the beginning….

    1. Aren’t you grateful that from the beginning and into our future – he is trustworthy! Especially since the ‘relinquishment process’ is so difficult.

      “Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, And I will do all My pleasure.’ Isaiah 46:10 NKJV

  3. The walk of faith in God is not easy. I find myself teetering between claiming the promises I know are mine to claim and feeling powerless within God’s strong pre-destined plan for me and others. I have to believe faith wins out in the end…

    1. How crazy is the fact even the faith we believe him with, comes from him. Eph 2:8-9
      So we just keep claiming his promises and pressing into the promise giver, right Sarah.

  4. It can be difficult when our prayers are not answered in the way we want. Praying for your friends Pat that they will experience God’s presence and grace as they go through these difficult times and know that He is answering their prayers with what they need. Praying that their fears and discouragement will be replaced with hope and that they be given peace that passes all understanding.

    1. Amen, Toni – Thank you. I appreciate your tender heart and passion for prayer, please keep them in your prayers.

  5. Today my friend said goodbye to her daughter as she slipped into her Savior’s arms. With unbearable grief, they’ll walk through a valley they never expected to visit. Also with her passing, another life will be spared as it welcomes Melissa’s heart. Please pray for my friend, her family and healing.

  6. I am going to share this blog today with some new believers, my neighbors, as they struggle with the concept of “why does God not hear and answer my prayers”. This is one of the hardest discussions I seem to always find myself in when ministering to new believers in the Lord. Thank you for this post today as this will surely be a great way to offer help in understanding the words you have written, “He holds all the lifelines and He knows all the outcomes”. A great reminder for me day in and day out. Blessings to you Pat!

    1. Our faith journey is just that – a journey, isn’t it? Bless you for sharing, for caring, and for traveling with your friends and us.

      I’m kind of grateful we never figure it all out. Then our journey becomes an adventure when faith comes along.

      1. Thank you Pat. I believe this is the question at the center of our belief. My journey has been largely determined by my trust and acceptance of His plan especially when the way seems brutally difficult and the path a venture into the darkness. How often have I sat upon the road refusing to go farther or demanding a new direction. How much more has Abba been patient and gracious with me, allowing me the prodigal’s share of time and space so that I may come to my senses. Essentially Adam and Eve were faced with trusting and embracing the Lord’s plan or to forge their own way. It is not always easy, but always such a gracious and true blessing.

        1. Your life has been a gracious and true blessing to behold, friend. In some ways – a living parable for those of us blessed to read it. You’ve looked anything but “prodigal” to me. You’re courageous and a beautiful reflection of Christ.

          Thank you so much for openly sharing your heart. It is lovely.

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