Visit any playground where four year olds gather and you’ll most likely see busy little girls huddled together in the sandbox, planning their play.


Ninety percent of their time together will be spent discussing what they hope to do.


They plan where they’ll live, what they’ll wear, and who will do what. Their created world is being linked together through imagination and conversation. The chatter is persuasive and rich – the volume high as each campaigns their piece of the plan.


“I’m the princess, my dress is blue and I ride a white pony”, says one, while another chimes in, “But, but, but, I want the blue one, you wear the red cape – my castle has five ponies, black and white”.


It’s hard to know when we lose this seemingly senseless art of enjoyment building sandcastles that never become.


Perhaps without visible outcome it seems futile to the mature mind.


Is it the sense of time wasted that causes us to leave the sandbox, or the feeling of non-productivity? Where is the worth in mere conversation just for the sake of conversing, or in sharing dreams or pointless planning?


Could it be that God lives within such a sandbox?


Does He wait patiently to be central to our greatest longings or does he even seem to care about our plans? Does our communal Father walk away from his time spent with us completely satisfied? Do we walk away satisfied with listening and sharing – minus an outcome?


When the girls disband from their time together on the playground they rarely look back to see what was accomplished.


They’re not disappointed the castle was never built.


They never actually changed their names or clothing. Most of the time, the shovels and buckets lying beside them are unused. Often they haven’t moved from their place of planning.


But, they leave fulfilled.


After all, they spent time together. Their vocabulary is richer, their dreams crisper, their friendship anchored in shared conversation. Each one leaves with a small piece of the others mind, and if they’re lucky – a little sand in their pockets to remember the encounter.






When was the last time you enjoyed God’s companionship in your sandbox?

Did you sense his enjoyment in the time spent with you? Grab a bucket, shovel and ear of a trusted friend. Hit the sandbox and share your story.

Please share, I’d love to hear about it!

“God, the one and only— I’ll wait as long as he says. Everything I hope for comes from him? He’s the solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul, an impregnable castle: I’m set for life” Psalms 62:5 MSG



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  1. Thank you for the reminder that it is such privilege to be able just spend time with the Lord and that He so enjoys spending the time with me ?

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