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My husband and I swim laps at a local high school pool. I can’t say I’m the exercise enthusiast he is but I always leave the pool glad I went.

When we arrive I quickly scope out the available lanes. I don’t like to share a lane with my husband because our stroke style is very different and quite frankly he’s too splashy for me. If I’m lucky I grab a lane to myself or share with another gentler swimmer. Today I lucked out. I had a lane to myself.

Swimming laps used to be boring to me until I quit counting laps and turned the monotonous experience into a time of worship and contemplation.

It’s amazing how therapeutic it can be. The water creates a barrier between the outside world and me. My body eventually moves in a steady rhythm that seems to invite me into God’s presence. The cleared space welcomes inspirational thoughts and released burdens. I love it.

The solo lane I got today was the last one located next to the free-swim area where children were playing. I figured I could ignore the distractions and swim closer to the other side. Shortly after I started my laps however, the lane on the other side of me added two very splashy swimmers. In a matter of minutes my lane became a cross between a washing machine and tsunami. I found myself drifting from side to side trying to dodge the turbulence. I strategized how to set my pace in front of the annoying swimmers or hug the barrier to miss their wake. I was determined to figure this out and enjoy the swim.

Halfway into my session I reached for the ledge to make a turn and noticed my husband signaling me to trade lanes with him. He had been watching and knew how uncomfortable I was.

It wasn’t until I slipped into the peaceful water of his lane that I realized how bad the other situation had been. The stillness of the water and its quiet calm welcomed me. The change seemed to propel my stroke with renewed energy.

I couldn’t help but draw the correlation between life in general and my swim at the pool today.

Sometimes it takes another person or outside source to recognize our struggle and point out the need for a ‘lane change’ in our life. Perseverance alone isn’t always enough to bring us through our difficult places. Without realizing it – we become battle weary and tired. It’s during the times we need it the most that we can become distracted away from worship and communion with God. The steady small annoyances are more damaging then we give them credit for.

I hope you have places and times you’re able to escape – a place you go to release and refuel.

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, expending more energy than you regenerate – you might be ready for a lane change. Look up. Someone just might be inviting you to his peaceful waters.


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10 replies on “Swimming With SimpleThoughts”

  1. Pat, I LOVE to read your blogs. What good insights! AND what a wonderful husband you have. Such a blessing to have him watching out for you! GOD is good – all the time and you are always a blessing!!! =)

    1. You’re sweet to the core Janet. Thank you so much. AND you are absolutely right – I’m very blessed to have such an attentive husband.

  2. I felt the water move and heard the children playing as I read this – But what really grabbed me was the image of your husband watching out for you. What a sweet picture… Love hearing your thoughts, Pat. Thanks for sharing your days… Love you oh so much 😉

    1. We all need people who look out for us. I need to be more appreciative of my husband AND friends who do that for me. Thanks Leah – for reading and for friendship.

  3. I’ve always considered water one of my sanctuary. Love the peace that the silence brings and also the communion with the Lord. I too seek time with Him when I am swimming. Love how Brendon cared for you, always looking out for his bride. Keep writing, your words bless and minister to me

  4. ‘Sanctuary’ is the perfect word for it, Kim. I appreciate your comment and your friendship very much.

  5. Thank you for your amazing words. If my pool was not freezing I would jump in. But instead I will find a trail to be in a time of sanctuary. Like everyone I need your words to reminid me. Thank you for letting us sit at your kitchen table.

  6. We certainly have a lot to be grateful for; a path, a pool – beautiful places to connect. Thank you for reading and responding Jill. I loved sharing the kitchen table with you today!

  7. Yes, I too, find the pool a wonderful place to retreat into my inner peace while swimming laps, although it’s been a while since I’ve done that. Your “lane-change” metaphor is worth remembering while going through turbulent events of everyday living. Thank you so much for this valuable message.

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