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Today – it’s an honor to be included as a guest blogger on the (in)courage website. I hope you’ll take a minute to read it, search the site (maybe even leave a comment) and then – please go tell a friend how much you appreciate them.

If you’re a regular subscriber, you’ll certainly see the contrast between today’s post written a few months ago, and my last post, Redemption. With a heavy heart I continue to pray for hurting friends – and yet, I’m grateful for lighthearted moments that breathe grace and hope into my soul, reminding me I’m not alone. Please click here to visit (in)courage with me today.



15 replies on “Unobstructed Views”

  1. Stopping by to tell a friend how much I appreciate her. Great post on (in)courage…. loved reading that. Thank you:)

    1. Yes I sure was with our mutual friend Jennifer, which is exactly why our conversation was so sweet. I miss you, would have loved to have you at the table too. Bless you, friend.

  2. Hey Pat – great post. I’m very grateful for my close friends, even though a small group, I wouldn’t be able to face tomorrow without them. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!!

    1. Thanks Mia. I’m with you – what would life be like without friends to do the journey with. Appreciate your comment!

  3. Hi Pat, I just saw your post with incourage on facebook. Wow, how wonderful is that. I’m so happy for you and hope to see lots more of your writing “go public”. Nicely written piece.

    1. Thanks Susan .I’m thrilled to hear you read the post and enjoyed it. We’ll see if it happens again – I must say, it’s been fun. Bless you for sharing!

  4. Love reading your posts. Makes me so much miss not only an unobstructed view of the ocean (one of life’s great pleasures, especially when you live in Idaho) but of my dear and beloved sisters whose advice, care, fellowship and friendship are so precious to me and of much greater worth than even the most spectacular ocean view. It is a huge blessing to me that I am able to count you as a treasured friend and I am great desiring an unobstructed view of you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much T!
      Apparently there’s a strong possibility another get-together is in the making. I can’t wait to see you again – a little inland, but I’ll take it. Love you, my friend. See you soon.

  5. Friends are very important to me and being single makes them even more important. My friends keep me from isolating and from being too self focused. I appreciate days like you described in your story. Fun girlfriend lunch dates help me keep it real and bring levity to my life.

    1. I think we can all use a little less self-focus and a little more levity in our lives. Thanks for bringing another perspective to our conversation, Rachel – appreciate you!

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