Walk in Hope

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God is most qualified to be the author of our life’s story. He’s intimately associated with us. He knows tomorrow, and he’s given us freedom to enjoy his unfolding story hidden in our moments.

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He has promised to give us hope – hope for a future wrapped in his plans. Hope is best found where worry and presupposition aren’t allowed. Hope breathes over our circumstances with warm assurance. He is our hope.


Your Heavenly Father has carved your name in his hand and counted the sands beneath your feet. When our minds spin with worry and planning, our heart forgets the most important facts. Let the truth of his love wash over you today – cleansing, restoring, rewriting fretful scripts. Faith loosens the grip of fear and pointless planning. Faith reaches for the better story.

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Our Heavenly Father is a river of resources. He promises to be all we need for today’s journey.

He is the best author. Our life is his pen. His purposes the canvas.

There’s rest and hope in walking in this truth.

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  1. Oh Rachel, we can celebrate the fact he knows our needs before we even bring them to him. We can also rest knowing we don’t face difficulty alone. I will continue to pray for you. You ARE a beautiful story, even now during this difficult chapter. May you receive hope today!

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