When B.C. Meets A.D.

BC and AD photo


Christmastime is a blaring reminder of an actual date on our historical calendar when B.C met A.D. All other events are stacked on either side of that one significant moment in time. Jesus was born. No matter what we choose to believe about him or ascribe to him – his birth remains a pivotal marker on the world calendar.

We also each possess a personal calendar on which to place those same markers. During our lifetime we can choose to add our own transitional moment when B.C. becomes A.D. Our “anno Domini” meaning “year of the Lord” follows an entrance by Christ to our timeline. It begins when Jesus is born into our soul.

For me, B.C. met A.D. my first year in college. Before that day I was living in the ‘year of Pat’. I made my own decisions, my own mistakes and was living on a self-serving trajectory. It was an empty existence filled with aimless wandering.

A church didn’t place the A.D. date on my personal calendar. Neither did a priest or pastor. My moment involved the same miracle as the global application did. By God’s mysterious and sacred design, the Holy Spirit descended and covered my life story – paving the way for his entrance.

Shepherds and Wisemen weren’t there, no one was – just me in my bed and an open heart to receive.

The A.D. portion of my calendar is still unfolding. The ‘year of the Lord’ reflected in my life events have been marked with decisions and mistakes, just like my B.C. years, but the trajectory is entirely different. By the power of the Holy Spirit and through the birth of Jesus into my soul – I now live to know and love him.

The invitation to add the A.D. date to our line of history will go beyond this present life. With it comes a new residency and citizenship into his eternal Kingdom – what a marvelous mystery.

When B.C. meets A.D. heaven moves to earth and a welcome mat is placed at the door to new life – eternal life in his kingdom.

“For with you is the fountain of life. In your light, we see your light” Psalm 36:9


It was a glorious day when heaven touched earth,

a day of wonder, a sacred occasion

forever opening a door.

Subtle splendor spilled from unseen places

imprinting our world,

our calendar,

our lives

as B.C. moved over and a gift was born.

May God shine his bright light upon your personal timeline this Christmas!


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  1. I remember when B.C. met A.D in my life! I was leaning over my first-born when he was in a bassinet at church. I sensed the Lord telling me, “You knew me when you were a child and I was always there when you were afraid and you would pray to me. IF you don’t tell him about Me no one will.” At that very moment B.C met A.D. in my life and I have NEVER been the same. Enjoyed your post as always, you always minister through it. MERRY CHRISTMAS! And enjoy that new granddaughter!

    1. Such a sweet story Jeannie, thanks for sharing it. Yes, we’re absolutely enjoying our new precious granddaughter. Children have a way of resetting our focus to things that truly matter, don’t they. Blessings to you!

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